Festivals are the perfect opportunity to take your makeup look to the next level.

We stock a vast range of PaintGlow Paint products – Premium Quality Makeup  · Cosmetically Certified · 100% dermatologically tested and cosmetically approved

Festival Makeup

The Original Neon UV Nail Polish

For a playful pop of colour by day and an intense glow by night, Neon UV Nail Polish is the ultimate accessory for your summer festival look.

– professional one coat and quick dry formula

– looks fantastically sleek by day, and reacts incredibly bright under UV light

– 100% Cruelty Free – Dermatologically Tested

– UV Neon Nail Polish is available in: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Magenta, Violet

UV face and body paints

UV face and body paints use a water-based system giving our product a smooth, thick and creamy application to the face and body. – It is moisturising, nourishing, soothing, regenerating, long lasting and smudge resistant

–  Day-glow pigments exhibit extremely intense bright Neon colours in natural lighting and when exposed to UV lighting and black lighting conditions they glow fantastically, producing amazing fluorescent UV Colours

– perfect for festivals, clubbing events, kids’ parties

– Made in the UK, Not tested on Animals.

Glow In The Dark Glitter Body Gel 

Stand out from the crowd with Glow In The Dark Glitter Body Gels. A very high glitter to gel ratio means you can create long lasting intense glittery effects – Easy wash off. – Glows in the dark when charged with a bright light source.

– Available in Gold, Green, Blue, Pink, Silver, White

– Made in the UK, Not tested on Animals.

Glow In The Dark Hair Gel

Glow in the dark hair gel holds your trademark style whilst giving an explosion of intense colour shade.

Mix the colours to give maximum impact.

– Yellow, Green, Blue, 1Pink, Orange, Invisible Glow.

– Made in UK, Not tested on Animals.

Neon UV Lipstick

Plump up and brighten your lips with our gorgeous Glow Me Up™ Neon Lipstick.

Smooth and creamy texture allows for easy application that lasts for hours.

– Bright Neon during day and at dusk with that vibrant glow under UV light.

– Neon UV Lipstick is the perfect item to pack if you are heading to one of the many summer festivals.

– Available in Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red

– Made in the UK, Not tested on Animals.

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