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  • Candy creep

    Candy creep – large, animated Halloween Prop. One of our favourite Halloween props, Candy Creep Animated Figure, individually boxed and ready to induce both scares and amusement. This prop is motion-activated and promises longevity with proper care and storage, making it an essential decorating piece for Halloween costume parties and a delightful source of eerie entertainment for your guests.

    Experience the blend of terror and amusement this Halloween with the enchantingly eerie Candy Creep Animated Figure!

  • Cellar Dweller

    Cellar Dweller – large, animated Halloween Prop. Unleash the horror lurking within the shadows of your basement with the 7-foot Cellar Dweller Animated Prop. Veiled in shredded rags, this undead menace arises with Glowing Green Eyes that slice through the darkness, with its Head Turning and Mouth moving in a haunting dance of dread.

    A gravelly, hollow Voice echoes with the sounds of dripping water, uttering one of four spine-chilling phrases, setting the perfect eerie tone!

  • Jac in the box

    Jac in the box – large, animated Halloween Prop – Experience the captivating allure of our 2.1m tall animated figure, Jack In The Box, designed for those with a taste for the extraordinary. Meticulously engineered to sway from side to side, its mouth artfully moves in sync with its speech, enhancing the realism. The figure’s eyes illuminate brilliantly, while the internal LEDs create a mesmerising display within the box. With two distinct 18-second sound clips, you can adjust the volume to your preference. Whether you wish to activate it via sensor, step-pad, or keep it constantly on, the choice is yours.

    This figure is meticulously designed to bring a wave of awe to your space, swaying from side to side while its mouth moves synchronously with its spooky speech, adding a layer of lifelike allure.

    Elevate your decor and captivate your audience with this mains-operated marvel.

  • Large Pumpkin large

    Large Pumpkin large- large, animated Halloween Prop – Prepare for a hauntingly thrilling Halloween with the Scorched Scarecrow Animated Figure! Towering at a chilling 7 feet tall at the tip of its twisted stem, this fearsome scarecrow is set to be a spine-tingling presence. A true embodiment of Halloween spirit, its Jack O’ Lantern head and chest not only flicker with unsettling light but also rotate from side to side, adding to the surreal and scary atmosphere.

    To operate, plug the provided power adapter into any standard outlet and choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options. The infra-red sensor is highly responsive, working up to 6.5’ feet away in all lighting conditions, from bright light to complete darkness. The figure includes a volume control feature and is constructed with user-friendly, easy-to-assemble quick-connect poles.

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky doll – large, animated Halloween Prop – Collector’s Item: A prized and unique addition, especially for Child’s Play aficionados.
    Screen Accurate Detailing: Crafted using screen-used moulds and swatches.
    Flexible Posing: Features a wire frame surrounded by soft, poseable foam.

  • Skeleton

    Skeleton – large, animated Halloween Prop – The Sharp Dressed Skeleton is the embodiment of skeletal sophistication, offering an entertaining blend of elegance and spookiness. He seamlessly interacts with guests, with his articulate movements and glowing eyes, making him an unforgettable centrepiece for your Halloween décor.

    Delight in the cultured presence of this elegantly attired, Sharp Dressed Skeleton Animated Prop, and let him beguile your guests with his refined charm this Halloween.

    With a flair for the dramatic, he graciously tips his hat to welcome your Halloween guests, engaging them with his animated charm. He features a moving arm that meticulously lifts the hat on and off his head, paying homage to a bygone era of refined etiquette.

    Perfectly poised to both spook and delight your guests, it’s an unparalleled Halloween party adornment.

  • Undead Clown

    Undead Clown – large, animated Halloween Prop – Elevate the eerie atmosphere of your Halloween gathering with this 7ft Animated Evil Clown Prop! It’s bound to send shivers down the spines of your guests with its hauntingly realistic features.

    Dressed in a bloodied red and white clown costume, this gargantuan clown sports bright red hair, elongated twisted fingers, and a sinister grin, creating a nightmarish visual. Once activated, the clown starts to rotate at the hips, giving the illusion of him striding side to side, while a light strobe effect illuminates his face and chest, enhancing the creepy factor. His moving mouth utters spine-tingling threats, accompanied by unnerving circus music, enveloping the surroundings in a sense of dread.

    Simply plug the power adapter into any standard outlet and select from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options. The infra-red sensor operates up to 6.5’ feet away in any lighting conditions. The item incorporates a volume control feature and is easy to assemble with quick-connect poles.

  • Witch

    Witch animated figure – large, animated Halloween Prop – Step into a world of enchantment this Halloween with our 2.05m Enchanted Halloween Witch Animation! This mains-operated figure brings a mystical ambiance to any setting, with its moving head that shifts from side to side, mouth that articulates, and eyes that gleam with a spectral light.

    With its right arm that sways to and fro, this animated figure delivers a bewitching performance, enchanting anyone who dares to step closer. It weaves a spell with its spooky messages, allowing you to control the volume to set the perfect eerie atmosphere for your Halloween festivities.

    This animated witch figure offers a delightful balance of spooky and family-friendly, making it the perfect addition to gatherings where a lighter, more jovial atmosphere is desired. Unlike some Halloween props that may be overly frightening or intense, this witch provides a friendly scare, making it ideal for family-centric Halloween celebrations.

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