Effortless Balloon Decor with Our Disposable Helium Canisters

While having balloons pre-inflated and delivered is often the most convenient option, there are times when a portable helium tank is the perfect solution. Our disposable helium canisters provide an easy, affordable way to inflate balloons yourself for any occasion.

Quality Assured by Oaktree
Our disposable helium canisters are by Oaktree, the only British company that manufactures foil party balloons. You can trust their expertise and our commitment to quality products.

Timing Flexibility
Inflate balloons right before your event so they stay fresh and full of float. With a canister on hand, you control exactly when they are inflated for the perfect look.

Ideal for Remote Locations
If you’re hosting an event at a remote destination where balloon delivery is impractical, like a countryside wedding or campsite party, our canisters are a must. Easily transport them and inflate on-site.

Simple to Use
Our canisters feature a straightforward design that allows you to effortlessly inflate balloons of any size with the pull of a valve. No complicated equipment required. Each canister inflates approximately 50 9″ balloons or a sizeable amount of our standard 11″ balloons.

While having balloons delivered pre-inflated is certainly the most convenient option in many cases, our disposable helium tanks offer flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to inflate balloons anywhere. Ensure your next event looks perfect with our easy self-inflating solution!

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