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  • Axe

    axe 106 cm

  • Axe 4-piece

    Axe 4-piece (106 cm)

  • Ball and chain

    Ball and chain (53 cm)

  • Blood bag

    Fake blood bag

  • Blood spray

    Fake blood spray

  • Bloodsucker

    Week lenses Bloodsucker

  • Bloody bludgeon

    Bloody bludgeon (61 cm)

  • Candy creep

    Candy creep – large, animated Halloween Prop. One of our favourite Halloween props, Candy Creep Animated Figure, individually boxed and ready to induce both scares and amusement. This prop is motion-activated and promises longevity with proper care and storage, making it an essential decorating piece for Halloween costume parties and a delightful source of eerie entertainment for your guests.

    Experience the blend of terror and amusement this Halloween with the enchantingly eerie Candy Creep Animated Figure!

  • Cat

    Week lenses Cat

  • Cauldron Skull spell

    Cauldron Skull spell

  • Cellar Dweller

    Cellar Dweller – large, animated Halloween Prop. Unleash the horror lurking within the shadows of your basement with the 7-foot Cellar Dweller Animated Prop. Veiled in shredded rags, this undead menace arises with Glowing Green Eyes that slice through the darkness, with its Head Turning and Mouth moving in a haunting dance of dread.

    A gravelly, hollow Voice echoes with the sounds of dripping water, uttering one of four spine-chilling phrases, setting the perfect eerie tone!

  • Chain link with lock

    Chain link with lock

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