For Those Seeking an Elevated Party Experience Why settle for the ordinary when you can treat your guests to an extraordinarily elegant affair? Consider accenting your party decor and paperware with touches from our home and kitchen collection. Our hand-poured scented candles and fine bone china pieces instantly elevate any gathering with a sense of luxury and refinement.

Introducing heavenly aromas and a warm, ambient glow, the candles provide an inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, serving beverages, desserts or favours from our one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired teapots, cups and plates adds a delightfully unique and fancy presentation. The bone china features intricate detailing and charming, decorative illustrations that seamlessly blend modern whimsy with timeless sophistication.

Mix and match these special pieces with your coordinating party colours and themes in paper decor and tableware for a truly memorable event. With their exceptional artisanship and unparalleled quality made in the UK, these candles and serve ware transform a casual gathering into an affair to remember. Elevate your party and treat yourself and loved ones to an experience that’s as elegant as it is imaginative.


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