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Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are the classic rubber balloons. Latex balloons can be inflated with helium so that they float, or with air, in which case they will fall to the ground. Of course they can be purchased both with helium, or flat for your own inflation. At Oscar's Den, we have latex balloons in every colour you can imagine. The plain latex balloons can be ‘pearlised’ (with a sheen to them) or ‘plain’ (matte). We also have printed latex balloons - whether it be polka dots or stripes; hearts or stars; birthday celebration, or joyous christenings, we have a latex balloon for your event. Unless otherwise specified, our latex balloons are 11 inch when filled. Many latex balloons are available in other sizes, so please telephone for specific enquiries. Please note that latex balloons must be inflated on the day you wish to use them. They do not last until the next day.