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Airwalkers are hilarious and charming novelty balloons popular with children and adults alike. They are helium filled foil balloons with weighted feet so that the legs stay on the floor level but the body is elevated. This gives the sense that the balloons ‘walk’ as they get pushed around by natural air circulation in a room. There are two types of airwalkers. Firstly there are large airwalkers which are available in the shapes of many favourite children’s characters such as Minnie or Mickey mouse Buzz Lightyear, Hello Kitty and many more. Secondly there are smaller airwalkers  available in the shapes of many domestic, farm and wild animals. These smaller airwalker balloons are ofen used as going home presents at children's parties. It is certainly something a little different! The choice of airwalker balloons is constantly expanding, so please come in store to view our full range.


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