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   JC_Article_-_OScars_DenMick Jagger and Sir Paul McCartney are among the customers of Oscar's Den,a party store founded in 1983 by Oscar Weiner and his late father-in law Dennis Green.

   Previous recipient of an industry award as party retailer of the year,Oscar's has costumes for anything from a Purim bash to a stag do,catering for men,women and children and for a range of budgets.

   The recession has not dampened people's party spirit- "people want to have fun all year round," says Oscar,whose clientele also includes 11 Downing Street,which he supplies for an annual charity function.

   Oscar's Den is teh place to find specialist items such as "Jed-wigs" (simulating the resplendently vertical coiffures of the twin X-Factor finalist);Venetian masks ,Olympic memorabilia and hen-night outfits.

   You could dress as a banana,or if you are going to a party as a couple,why not be TV's Bananas in Pyjamas?Among other attractive looks for grown-ups are an impressively gilded Pharaoh and a rock-legend outfit.

   Women's choices include Smurfette,many Disney characters and Where's Wenda?(ideal for those accompanied by a Where's Wally?).Children's charactersinclude everything from bumble bees to Buzz Lightyear.

   For decorating your venue, Oscar's Den can provide you with Arsenal or Tottenham ballons, for instance- and it can design balloons, banners and other party items to your theme.

   Sombreros and ponchos are among its biggest sellers at the moment. Masks are growing in popularity and for children, Spiderman outfits are all the rage.

   Halloween is particularly busy time for the shop, as are Diwali, Iranian New Year- and naturally, Purim.

   Ther are changing rooms in teh store , but you can also buy online at

   Oscar's Den is one of the few places where fireworks can be purchased all year round. What is more , your fireworks can be previewed on a monitor, making it easier to choose what you need. The pyrotechnical selection ranges from single-ignition fireworks which provide an entire display to barrages, which are repeated shots.

   Aside from buying in store, Fireworks can also be purchased nationally via Oscar's Den sister website:

   The shop has its own, free car park, making it convenient to collect your order.