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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I buy items online from your website?
A. Unfortunately not at the moment. We are working on it and hope to have this available in the near future. We have more and more products available for you to view, but in the meantime you still have to come in store to purchase party goods. You can buy fireworks online from our fireworksden website
Q. How far in advance do I need to make an order for balloons?
A. It is always ideal to have at least a weeks notice for a balloon order especially if you have specific delivery requirements. However we are very flexible and can arrange your balloons for next day or even while you wait.
Q. I have my own balloons - will you fill them with helium for me?
A. Yes with pleasure. Just bring them into the store and we can arrange this for you. We do charge for the helium gas when filling your own balloons.
Q. How long do the balloons last?
A. Latex balloons are only good for the day they are filled with helium. Foil balloons last up to one week. Bubble balloons are the longest lasting and have been known to last for several weeks.
Q. Can I fit tables and chairs in my car?
A. Our tables are approximately 5 feet long. Our chairs are folding (adult) or stacking (children). If you put down the back seats of your car, come with no passengers or baby seat, then tables and chairs can fit into most hatchback cars. We will of course help to put them into your car for you. If in doubt we have a delivery and collection service 7 days a week.
Q. Can I fit play toys/inflatables in my car?
A. Bouncy castles are surprisingly easy to transport. When folded up they will fit into the boot or back seat of most hatchback cars. It is ideal if you could put down the back seats of your car, come with no passengers or baby seats. Ball ponds are slightly larger since they comprise many components. If you have a smaller car you might prefer to arrange for delivery.
Q. Do you have a minimum spend requirement for delivery?
A. No, delivery charges are based on location, not the items being delivered. We are able to deliver even small orders.
Q. Do you deliver on Sundays?
A. Yes. Oscar’s Den operates a full service 7 days a week.
Q. Do you deliver anywhere in London?
A. Yes. However delivery charges apply. Cross London delivery is more expensive than local deliveries. Please telephone for specific information. For smaller orders, you may prefer to come in store to collect your balloons or party goods.